Sunday, June 2, 2013

First impressions: Monday Listicles

This week's listicle is what we notice first about other people. I'm similar to Stasha, in that I'm more likely NOT to notice things about people. That's why my husband is the novelist, not me. But I will expand this to what I notice about people in an hour or two, having just come from a cast party for Kieran's spring show in which I didn't really know people well. I was a bit nervous about going, as I am a "shy extrovert." Mike took Chris to another event, so I was on my own. It turned out to be more fun that I expected.

40 drama kids in a pool
So these are what I notice about people in the first few hours:

1. Overall demeanor--are they friendly and warm, or reserved and less friendly? I'm definitely drawn to the more friendly sort.

2. Interest in others--do they ask me questions about myself, or is it all about them? I have found that at least 75% of the people in the world are really not that interested in other people. It's among the remaining 25% that I choose my friends!

3. Travel and culture awareness--the two families I most enjoyed conversing with were an Indian woman and her American husband, and an American woman married to a Japanese man.

4. Smile--again, are they friendly?

5. Do they brag about their kids? These are theater parents, and I can stand a certain amount of bragging, but I'm more interested in parents who are not obsessed with all the amazing accomplishments their kids have made. There's a way to talk about your kids without making them sound like they are better than everyone else. You know what I not saying "So-and-so has been so busy lately, what with all the Broadway call-backs he's had." True story.

6. Interest in the world around them--are they interested in more things than their own particular family?

7. Values and beliefs--from what I can ascertain in the first few minutes or hours!

8. Sense of humor--are they completely serious or do they laugh and make jokes? Not so interested in the serious sorts! Life is too short.

9. Humility--again, with theater parents, this is important! :)

10. Respect for others

So there's a distinct theme here, isn't there? I do not notice much on the surface, really, but rather what's underneath. What do you first notice about people when you meet them?

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  1. great list! I've met some crazy bragging parents and it really is a turn off. I mixed my list with physical features and moral/emotional attributes.

  2. Fun list....glad you brought up many of those points.

  3. I'm a shy extrovert too and recently went to a birthday party on my own; it was my honey's family and I was very nervous about going alone but it turned out fine. I, unfortunately, have nothing in common with people who have children, esp. small children. That's always been hard for me because everyone ends up talking about their kids and parenting issues and I just sit there, mute, with nothing to offer.

  4. I cannot tolerate a bragging parent. there's a limit to what one can expect another parent to endure about a child's stellar accomplishments -- who is NOT your own child. and really, it just reeks of one-up-man-ship. Like you say, life is too short; I'd rather be with the warm and friendly sort.

  5. A smile and sense of humour matter so much!

  6. Number 2- so important. Great list, I think you would like me when we meet ;)

  7. As I've gotten older the material/superficial stuff really isn't what's important is it? I like your list...a lot!