Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ten things I love that cost nothing

I love the simple Monday Listicle prompt for this week: 10 things I love that cost nothing. After a month of blogging daily and a weekend of being deeply grateful for intimate friendship, I'm taking it easy.

1. Belly laughs
2. A hug or cuddle
3. Music
4. The great outdoors
5. Love
6. True friendship
7. Memories and stories that touch us or make us laugh
8. The deep, profound awareness that we are alive and truly blessed with life, love, and friendship
9. Understanding and compassion
10. Intimacy

There you have it--short but sweet. Read the others at The Good Life.


  1. wonderful list, yes I didn't add my friendships...but without them I would be so lost. And yes, nothing better than a truly good laugh.

    Have a great day!

  2. Memories. Didn't think of that on and haven't read it yet. That's so true. Some yucky days, I definitely think back on better times.

  3. compassion is a great one! love that you included it. it may cost you some time and effort, but it doesn't really cost you any $$. And I think sometimes, people appreciate the time you gave them more than any money.