Friday, April 19, 2013

Q: Oh, the places you'll go!

This is my contribution to the A to Z Blogging Challengein which I'm focusing on overseas destinations I've visited. 

Q is for Queen's and King's Houses (Hampton Court, Windsor, and Buckingham Palace)

Today's post is going to be short--it took me forever to think of what I would do for Q, and I don't have many I've been working long hours and I'm tired. I give you Queen's and King's houses!

Hampton Court Palace, England (1990)

On my first trip to visit Mike's family in England, we had to go to a funeral...the elderly woman whom Mike had befriended in college had died. He's still in touch with all of her daughters--he's so sweet! On our way home from the funeral, we stopped at Hampton Court Palace, home of King Henry VIII. Apparently Hampton Court appeared in the recent HBO miniseries "John Adams."

It was much gloomier on the November day we visited!
Mike getting lost in the maze?

By the River Thames
I wouldn't want to run into a ghost myself, but I'm slightly intrigued by them. Hampton Court Palace is supposedly haunted--no surprise after the way Henry VIII treated his poor wives! According to Wikipedia, "The ghost of Catherine Howard is said to haunt The Haunted Gallery. Staff have reported hearing screaming and crying and even thumping on the chapel doors, visitors have also claimed to have had unpleasant encounters. Jane SeymourHenry VIII's third wife and mother of Edward VI has also been seen silently walking towards her son's room. Other ghosts include Henry VIII himself and a woman named Dame Sybil Penn, Edward VI's nurse. She died of smallpox in 1562 and her grave was damaged by a storm in the early 19th century. Staff have repeatedly complained of hearing the sounds of an old woman muttering and the sound of a spinning wheel. Workman were eventually called in to investigate and discovered a concealed room containing an old spinning wheel, well worn with constant use."
We didn't go inside but just wandered around the grounds.
Windsor, England (early 1990s)
I've been to Windsor Castle a few times--it wasn't too far from Reading, where Mike's parents used to live. Of all the royal residences I've visited, I think it's my favorite.

I loved the gardens and secret places like this one (this photo hangs in our living room):

One of the towers
Buckingham Palace, England (various times)
We've been to Buckingham Palace a few times, too--can't remember how many times. The Queen hasn't invited me to tea yet!

I could look at these horse guards all day--they are fascinating!
Looking forward to the day when there will be more women!

Wouldn't you love to walk up that staircase?
You probably didn't believe me when I said my post would be short today! When I commented on Facebook how I was looking forward to this month being over, a friend said "P is for pooped!"

Visit here to read my A-P posts. Tomorrow, it's back to India and England.


  1. What amazing pictures-- makes me so envious :). Hope you’ve enjoyed the challenge so far.

    Damyanti @Daily(w)rite Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2013

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    1. Thanks, Damyati. I'm so glad you enjoy them!!

  2. This post was lovely. There are so many places I would love to visit. The Buckingham Palace would be an exciting stop on my list. I think it's wonderful that you've been there.

  3. I love all of your posts so far - it's a fun & interesting theme!

    The Queen needs to hurry up and invite you to tea - I want to see more pictures inside the Palace!

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    1. Thanks, Lisa--I appreciate your following my posts! It's been fun and interesting, but next year I'm doing something simpler! :)