Sunday, April 21, 2013

Monday Listicles: Top ten ways to spend 30 minutes

I'm going to make this blog post short, after all the epic posts I've been writing about my travel adventures. March/April has been a crazy two months, between my hubby's 50th birthday, Blogging A to Z, my mother-in-law visiting and all sorts of family occasions, and additional crazyness at I'm resolving to rededicate my time in doing things that are good for my soul!

Top ten things I need to dedicate 30 minutes to:

1. Exercising!
2. Tracking what I'm eating...and cooking healthy meals and snacks
3. Reading, playing games, and hanging out (unstructured time) with my immediate AND extended family
4. Taking walks and bike rides with my family--summer's coming!
5. Purging possessions and organizing my house
6. Painting--so many of our walls need coats of paint!!
7. Weeding and planting some veggies
8. Spending more alone time with Mike
9. Spending more time with my friends
10. Being artistic and making music

There you have it. The shortest blog post all month.

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  1. I could weed all day. It used to be a chore but I find it relaxing nowadays... Great list!

  2. Wish you would come over and purge MY house! ;) It could certainly use it!-Ashley

  3. the purge thing: so get it. Last month, I took about 30 minutes after the kids went to bed to go through toys and/or clothes to decide what stays and what goes. we ended up wiht 7 boxes of stuff that went to a local charity for their spring garage sale.
    felt awesome!!

    almost better than a 30 minute nap.

  4. I'm itching to purge my palace too!!! And digging my hands into the garden sounds divine! A perfect list!

  5. Great Listicle!

    I really need to take time to do some organizing. i keep buying all these desk organizer doodads and bins, and haven't gotten around to doing it. I need to set aside 30 minutes every day to tackle this issue.

    I LOVE bike riding - just got a new bike today! I spent more than 2 weeks visiting stores/shops trying to find something nice and within my price range. I am finally happy with my final decision. I cannot wait for it to get just a little bit nicer out - we go riding at the local nature trail.

  6. Ooooo Purging. I love the purging. Gonna go do me some of that right now!