Saturday, April 20, 2013

Food cart adventures: Portland Soup Company

Portland Soup Company--the prettiest cart in the pod!
Portland Soup Company has long been one of my favorite carts but I've never properly reviewed it.   It was founded in 2009 by Jeremy Davidson, who is the son of some friends of ours from church. Clearly, Jeremy knows about a lot more than cooking...he also knows branding. This is a really classy cart/trailer, complete with glass-paned windows...and until the City of Portland insisted that Jeremy tear it down, it even had its own deck!

This is what it used to look like!
I was looking forward to revisiting Portland Soup Company, so I headed down there on a gray April day. I'm a sucker for tomato soup, and I like it in its winter or summer fashion at this food cart. Jeremy's gazpacho is the best I've ever tasted--served with corn and tortilla strips. This time I had a cup of roasted tomato reggano and a half sandwich ($7)--roasted turkey breast with brie, apple, baby arugula, and hazelnut basil aioli. a food cart! Both the soup and sandwich were completely amazing, as always.

I've never had anything at this cart that I didn't like. I must admit that I tend to veer toward anything tomato based. I ran into an old friend at the cart--Dianne, who used to go to my church when we were growing up and who used to babysit me, in fact! She had ordered the black bean and white cheddar soup. I've never tried the mac and cheese or the pork butt, but I hear they too are excellent. I think next time I need to try the handmade mozzarella, which apparently Jeremy makes from scratch every morning.

Jeremy was in the cart today, so I asked him to pose for a photo. He obliged!

Jeremy Davidson, founder and proprietor of the amazing Portland Soup Company
This food is really way too good to be served at a food cart. The other thing that I love about this company is their branding--take a look at his website and photos of the cart--do you notice how they match and are all elegantly designed? You can tell that he is a true artist.

My delicious sandwich--arugula, brie, turkey, and sliced apples

This tomato reggiano soup doesn't look anywhere near as excellent as it tastes--
those are toasted pieces of bread in the soup, a delicious touch!

The amazing ginger-molasses cookie, which I had to try again
Jeremy gets uniformly excellent reviews from every reviewer, including the Oregonian, with good reason. Try it!!

My verdict: Yes, will DEFINITELY be back! Love this place.

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  1. Ooh, that sounds good. Portland's weather makes it the perfect location for a soup food cart. We just started having food trucks in Minnesota, but the weather is a seriously limiting factor.