Sunday, March 31, 2013

Monday Listicles: kissing all over the world

And no, it doesn't mean parts of my body--get your mind out of the gutter! Stasha at Monday Listicles has us thinking about romance..."10 places you've kissed" is the theme for this week's listicle.

So here goes--here are 10 places I've kissed and been kissed by my romantic husband!

Dohtombori Bridge, Osaka
1. Our mutual friend Cath's apartment in Wakayama, Japan (at the raucous Robert Burns party, the night we met)--although it was just a kiss on the cheek and totally the time...

2. My apartment in Wakayama, three months later, at a party we hosted and where I saw Mike again (and boy did we kiss...on the dance floor, constantly and incessantly on a moonlit walk, and so on, especially in the next three years!)

In our fancy tailored clothes,
 Hong Kong, 1987
3. Dohtombori Bridge, Osaka, one month later again, when we made out for all to see (NOT done in Japan in 1987!!)--I'm sure we shocked everyone around us!

4. Hong Kong and Macau, summer 1987

5. Portland, Oregon, summer 1988 (when Mike came to visit Oregon for the first time)

6. Malaysia and Singapore, Christmas 1988

7. Udaipur, India, 1989 (where we got engaged)

8. Delhi, India, 1989 (having to say goodbye to each other for four months was excruciating, not helped by the hostile Indian policeman who forced us apart at the airport!)

Osaka, 1989
9. Portland International Airport, January 1990 (reunited after four long months apart, and it could have been longer thanks to the horrible INS agent in Minneapolis, MN--another story altogether!)

10. Every day in Portland, Oregon, and everywhere we go, for the past 26 years and 2 months!

I'm so glad I married a warm, affectionate man, who still kisses me daily.

If you're interested in learning more about these adventures, follow my "Oh, the Places You'll Go" blogging in the month of April. I'm taking the A to Z Blogging Challenge, promising to post each day.

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  1. Excited to see your A to Z challenge!!and I am so happy you are loved by a wonderful man. Kiss away!

  2. I know, I giggled when I first read this this too, LOL.

    Wonderful traveling memories and to see how loved you both are. , I loved remembering our past.
    Stopping by from Listicles, Happy Monday

  3. Love it! So cool to see all the places y'all have been! :)-The Dose Girls