Sunday, February 3, 2013

10 things in my purse

This week's Monday Listicle should be a fairly easy one because I'm not much of a girly-girl. It's "10 things in my purse." 

My purse is an older-model Queen Bee, which I love, but doesn't have any pockets on the inside (only two on the outside, under the flap). That's the only flaw. I own two Queen Bees and would love to have another one, but I've only bought them on sale and couldn't bear to pay full price for one (usually $110).
 I'm afraid I don't have very many interesting things in my purse!

1. A reusable bag 

2. My wallet

3. My tuneband (for my iPhone) and ear buds for my excessive exercising (haha!). In reality, I went to the gym last week but have yet to return to my two-or-three-times-a-week habit I was forming last fall!

4. My older model iPhone 3GS, which I have not upgraded because it holds so much music! Apparently Apple is not making the large-storage iPhones any I haven't upgraded. The only thing I mind is that the photo quality sucks.

5. My Burt's Bees lip shimmer,
which has taken the place of lipstick for me!

Clearly, it's all about the lips!
A tube of Carmex and a Body Shop Hemp lip balm...

6. Must have nice hand lotion, too!
 This one was from my sister-in-law in England.

7. A nail file that needs to be replaced...

8. This is as close as I get to "skeletons in my closet purse"!
A bunch of tissues (all unused, but crumpled up!)
Clearly, I'm not very OCD...if I were I'd use one of those miniature tissue bags.

9. Tooth floss 

10. My ID badge and business cards from work, and various gift cards and such
So really, not so exciting, is it? One thing I love about my Queen Bee bag is that it's big enough to contain my camera and a book, or other items, if necessary...but on a regular basis, its contents are quite unexciting.

It will be interesting to read what others have posted...I suspect my purse innards are much more simple than most women's. Read the other lists at The Good Life--Monday Listicles is brought to us by the amazing community builder, Stasha!


  1. That bag is cool. I guess it is much bigger than it looks in the photo if you can fit a book and camera in it. Ellen

  2. It's great you can put the camera in your bag. Put those gift cards to work girl!! ;)