Monday, December 10, 2012

King Tut and birthdays

We took the kids out of school a few hours early on Friday and drove up north to Seattle for a little holiday cheer. Chris found out on Friday that he got a part in the upcoming Jesuit musical, which has a cast of only 40--so he's excited

We spent Friday night with our dear friends Nancie and Dave in Woodinville.

Talented musician Dave gives Chris a few pointers

Nancie and Mike chatting

Kieran making himself at home

Our little St. Nicholas (in an Indiana Jones shirt)
With my beloved birthday sister Nancie

Nancie made the kids fancy Italian sodas with candy canes

Helping Nancie with dinner

Getting some tips from Dave on how to relate to girls (tell them jokes and be funny)

Putting Mike to work

Chris at dinner
We had a wonderful evening, and Dave and I jammed on some Christmas carols (him on piano, me on guitar). Our time is always too short. Saturday morning we were up bright and early to head into Seattle to see the King Tut exhibit. On the way into the city, I showed the kids this video from my childhood:

The first and last time I saw King Tut was in 1979, also at the Seattle Science Center. It was a BIG deal. My boyfriend (the first Catholic Mike) saw the exhibit before I did and bought me a necklace in the gift store. Isn't it funny, the things we remember?

Kieran with a replica of Tut's mummy

Nicholas showing off his hieroglyphic name

We had a few minutes before our IMAX film,
so we saw a few dinosaurs

A Santa convention at the Seattle Center!
Then we drove to Puyallup to celebrate the December birthdays of our brilliant and sweet nephews Daniel, Ryan, and Garrett.
Happy birthday, boys!

Cousins plus one brave girl


With my honey
Daniel and Kieran

Daniel with Nicholas

My sister Nadine and her husband David

Mike with David, his brother, and their friend Phil
It was a nice break to get away from the stress of getting ready for my surgery, although I felt quite emotional at times too. 
Our family in front of the King Tut exhibit
If you have a chance to see King Tut, you should. Nicholas greatly enjoyed the Harrison Ford narrations on the audio tour and intro movie...and of course, he wore his Indiana Jones costume.

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