Sunday, November 11, 2012

Racists are made, not born

If you think that racism is not still a problem in the U.S. or that it's only in the south, you're dead wrong.
Jezebel has collected a series of the worst racist tweets posted after Barack Obama won re-election this week. They are so depressing; they seriously make me ashamed to be an American and share the same space as these evil idiots. Sadly, many of them seem to be young people (as above).

The night of the election, one of Chris' classmates posted a racist comment on his Facebook wall (something about blackness). I only saw it because Chris responded and it showed up in my ticker. I was shocked because this student in question is a highly respected student in his high school. Apparently the next day he apologized to Chris, so I'm wondering whether someone told him how inappropriate he was.

Someone commented that many of them are looking for sports scholarships for college and encouraged people to write to the colleges to discourage them from offering them admittance:

"Please feel free to share these exceptionally racist remarks with their future schools.
Ricky Catanzaro - football player at Xaverian High School in Brooklyn
Lou LaDonna - football player at West Islip High School
Kordie Girton - baseball scholarship to Indiana State University
Addison Sykes - football player at Jackson Christian Jackson, TN
Brandon Norrie - baseball player at Sickles High School Tampa, FL
Michelle Brosam - soccer player at Rider HS Wichita Falls, Texas
Cole Krut - baseball player at Beaver Falls, PA
Demi Keely - pageant girl in Carencro, Louisiana
Gabe Dutch - baseball player at Redwood HS Visalia, CA
Stehl Taylor - hockey player at Central York HS York, PA
Davis Moody - runner at Mill Creek HS Hoschton, Georgia"

I will be sending some e-mails...feels like that's one small thing we can do. So sad.


  1. Oh man, I was so sorry to read this. I don't get how this can even still happen. Who is breeding all of these haters? So depressing.

  2. That is so shameful. That's all I can say without going off on a tirade.

  3. Yes, I know--it's shameful and depressing. I have no words to describe it.

  4. oh drat!!! I was typing a very long response to this and I must have done a bad keystroke, it disappeared! shoot, not going to start over. anyway, good topic. sad how the vitriol is out there so much now.