Sunday, November 11, 2012

Painting with wine

Last night I went to a painting party at The Loaded Brush with some friends and family members. We had bought a Groupon several months ago, but it took us quite some time to get a time where we could all go...we were a sizable group and the calendar of classes fills up quickly. Unfortunately, two of our members were unable to attend. 

First we had dinner at Stickers Asian Cafe, which I highly recommend for its tasty, reasonably priced food. Yum!

Then we drove off the Loaded Brush. The owner/teacher, Aaron, led us through painting Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, step by step. He's developed a process and technique that can turn painters into those of us who have never or rarely picked up a brush before. It was really fun.

Getting ready to paint

April beginning her painting

Lois in the first steps
Ginger and Victoria 
Mary putting the final touches on her painting
Finishing off

Lois the engineer (trying something new!)

April's and my paintings
Unfortunately, my brushes were not cooperating. My medium-sized brush was too stubby and my small brush was not narrow enough. Consequently, my painting had much broader strokes than I wanted.  Next time I will know better and find better brushes.
Lois had her painting framed (not bad for a computer sciences professor)

My final result--I was happier with it in the morning!

Our group--it was fascinating to see how each person's was slightly different!
Aaron also offers a class in making cigar box guitars, which I'm intrigued by. I'm looking forward to an opportunity to try the painting process again. Of course, the wine made it more fun!

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