Friday, November 9, 2012

Mike's first public reading

Mike was featured recently in a local book called Brave on the Page, described as "a craft book, a how-to guide, a catalogue of successes and failures, and above all, a celebration of what it means to be a writer in Oregon. The 200-page collection, edited by Laura Stanfill, features 42 authors and their views on creation, revision and the publication process." 
Brave on the Page features author interviews and essays about the craft of writing. Mike was one of 15 authors interviewed for the book. At the book's launch party last weekend, several of the writers read from their work, including Mike. We didn't do a very good job publicizing the event to our family and friends, unfortunately. Kieran and I got to hear him read before I had to race off to deliver him to a rehearsal. We were so proud!! Here's a sneak preview of Mike's book, Shakespeare on the Lam

After I dropped him off, I came back for the tail end of the readings and the Q&A. 

The authors on the stage for Q&A
It was a fun afternoon to be surrounded by so many writers and meet some new friends. And hearing Mike read his first chapter of Shakespeare on the Lam, I felt that some publisher, somewhere, must surely recognize his talent and wit. Hoping this first reading is a sign of good things to come soon.

Mike and friend Duncan Ellis (another Brit)

With Duncan and Jennifer Ellis (friends from the elementary school)

So proud of my author husband!

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