Monday, October 29, 2012

Heartbreaking story about Sandy

Because of the massive storm hitting the east coast this evening and the power outages across lower Manhattan, a number of hospitals have experienced power failures. The NYU Hospital has had to evacuate patients from its NICU and PICU, hand-bagging the babies and carrying them down nine flights of stairs to take them to another hospital.

Those of us who have had babies or children in the NICU or PICU can only imagine the terror these poor parents must be experiencing. I remember the horror parents felt when they would arrive and their baby had been moved without the
ir knowledge--the first thought was always that the baby had died. (This never happened to us; we were lucky that way.) 

Can you imagine how these parents are going to feel when they learn their children have been moved, and they do not know where? And what about the micropreemies who are on high-frequency ventilators, like Chris was for 6+ weeks? He wouldn't have survived long without the ventilator. It just breaks my heart to imagine this scene. 

When I posted this on Facebook, one of Chris' nurses, Sheila, said this:

"I remember the power going out in the old unit. We had to hand bag for about 20 minutes. Horrible! Can't imagine how the nurses are coping in such a terrible situation. My heart is pounding just reading this."
Please keep these babies, their parents, and their caregivers in your thoughts and prayers tonight and in the coming days, along with all the others who are being affected by this horrible storm.


  1. That would be terrifying. That whole part of the country has been in my thoughts and prayers during this scary storm. Looks like the clean-up will take I while. I pray everyone stays strong and positive in light of all this upheaval.

    1. Yes, I'm sure it will take awhile. Must be so overwhelming to be living in the midst of it.

  2. Thanks for your blog post, it is hard to find a news story on this item. As an NICU nurse, my heart is pounding in my chest just thinking of what these nurses did for their patients. I pray for them, the patients, and their families.

    1. Thanks for all you do, Marcia, as a caregiver for these precious little ones. It's hard to imagine how difficult this situation must have been for all involved, and the stress the nurses, RTs, and doctors must have been under! Thanks for your comment.