Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Hobbit is coming!

On Sunday afternoon we went to a party celebrating the 75th anniversary of The Hobbit and the heralded coming of the movie adaptation by Peter Jackson. Annie Bloom's, our wonderful neighborhood bookstore and gathering place, hosted the event. Kieran has been waiting for this movie for several years now--it will be an exciting holiday season, with The Hobbit as well as Les Miserables coming to the theater!
Decorating a crown

A sword fight!

They had a large illustrated version of The Hobbit and invited people to come up to read. Mike waited until everyone else was done, and then I pushed him up there!

He might have read longer if the kids hadn't been waiting to break open the Hobbit pinata!! (Pandemonium!!)

The hobbit and Gandalf
(Costumes courtesy of Kieran)
Kieran never fails to surprise me with his inventions and creative projects. He came up with that beard in a few minutes--by collecting shredded paper (from our shedder) and taping it together and to his chin.

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