Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Banjo Man on the Colbert Report

When I was perusing the Colbert Report's web site the other day, I found a few videos of his recent visit with folk icon Pete Seeger. A great political activist and singer/songwriter, Seeger has always been one of my favorites. I remember when Chris was a little tyke, he loved the recordings Seeger made with Arlo Guthrie. So much of the great folk music was grounded in Seeger's tradition.

Now he's 93 and stilll making music and defending progressive policies. He lives close to one of my favorite musicians, Dar Williams, in upstate New York, and she has dedicated one of her recent songs to him (Storm King).

Now he's having fun with Stephen Colbert, first in an interview and then in singing "Quite Early Morning." Love him!
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Pete Seeger
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Pete Seeger - "Quite Early Morning"

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