Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sometimes it's good to be in the ensemble

Kieran participated in a drama camp this month through the Broadway Rose Theater, which culminated in a stage performance of "Pinocchio." He went with three of his school friends, all girls. On the first day, they all came home disappointed, reporting that they would be in the ensemble. Kieran had his sights on playing Pinocchio, of course, and one of his friends had dyed her head blonde in hopes of playing the Blue Fairy!

By the second day, they had all settled in and began enjoying themselves. The leads were all played by adults (who had more time to work on their roles, of course). I think Kieran enjoyed this camp more than any other one he has attended (including the two drama camps at churches last summer, in which he had bigger roles). Mike and another mom did most of the transporting, and apparently overheard a fair amount of bickering. But in spite of that, they enjoyed spending time together and doing drama. Now that it's over, he misses it (and his friends).

They had five performances in an auditiorium that seats up to 500...and they got to sign autographs. Kieran had one line: "When's lunch?" but eventually was given a few more responsibilities, such as being the ocean (waving blue fabric to simulate the ocean Pinocchio got lost in). It was a really cute show.
After the first performance...
trying to get them all together for a photo!

Little Italian boy

After the last performance

With his fans

And proud mom

A slightly better photo of the four friends and actors!
I think he learned a valuable lesson: sometimes it's fun (and certainly more relaxing) to be in the ensemble!


  1. Love it! My older son likes drama, too. Unfortunately, we don't have any good drama programs in our area.

  2. That's too bad, Susan! We are extremely lucky to live in Portland--drama everywhere!!