Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A little more Oregon weirdness (ala Rockaway crows)

Rockaway has a cute little vintage/pseudo-vintage shop called "The Frugal Crow," and they had a crow-decorating contest going on. Kieran and I were charmed by the clever crow decorating and titles! We each voted for a number of our favorite crows (we could see no limit to voting).

Unfortunately it's hard to read the clever captions,
 but I do remember the cotton ball one was "Caw-Liflower"

This ended up winning first prize!
(Crowbi Wan Kenobi)

Vincent Van Crow (won a prize) and Lady Caw-Caw

Next year I will take better photos!

And here is Rockaway's best slice of kitsch, Flamingo Jim's (with my favorite 9-year-old posing in front). This is the shop that drives every parent crazy!! But it does have a great selection of Rockaway and Oregon Coast shirts.

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