Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth of July at the beach

We spent four nights at the beach this pat matter how long we stay, it never seems like enough time! The weather was positively glorious--sunny every day!

First evening on the beach (Tuesday)

With my sweet boys
Tuesday night we began watching a movie, "Pirates of Penzance," with the kids. It was their first Gilbert & Sullivan. The movie featured Kevin Kline (who I love), Linda Ronstadt (as Mabel), and Angela Lansbury. Consequently, the movie had the whole family walking around singing "Modern Major General"!!

Wednesday, the 4th, was busy...we started out with the hokey little parade in Rockaway. It seemed shorter than usual, but the kids got plenty of candy!

Kieran before the parade
 Mike and Kieran went off to a sunglasses booth and returned with a pair of $5 red sunglasses for Nick. He liked them so much he started dancing, so I put on a little mood music (video):

Nick kept posing by flagpoles, saying "I am the president!"
In front of a fire engine,  with his bag of loot
After the parade we went home for lunch and returned to town for the annual Weiner Dog Races. It was the first time we had attended, and it was so funny!!

That evening we had a very windy campfire on the beach and made s'mores. Then back to finish the movie and go onto fireworks.

Kieran loves to be buried in the sand
The next day my friend Caley came over with her family--they had been staying in Manzanita with Mark's parents. I made pies!

Leftover pie crust appetizers

The blackberry/blueberry pies

Mike's given up dairy in addition to gluten, so I made him a gluten-free/dairy-free pie (not easy!)

All the kids (3 boys and 3 girls!!)
Later in the week we watched "The Trouble with Angels" with Hayley Mills and Rosalind Russell--really funny! Back to Portland on Saturday...into the heat!

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