Monday, July 30, 2012

10 sounds that drive me crazy

It's Monday Listicles time!

I suppose I should consider myself lucky that I find it easier to list things I feel positive about rather than negative. But here goes--10 sounds that drive me crazy!
1. Contrasting music: As in one song playing in one room of the house while another song is playing in another room.

2. Squabbling children: Need I say more? I imagine most parents of more than one child would agree!

3. A baby in distress: We practiced attachment parenting by comforting our babies when they were crying. This meant nursing on demand and not letting our babies cry themselves to sleep. It breaks my heart to hear babies's the only way they have to communicate discomfort or distress.

4. Neil Young. REO Speedwagon. Celine Dion. Misogynistic rap. Traditional country western music.

5. People singing off-key, loudly.

6. When people speak disrespectfully or hatefully toward others.

7. Whining, whether it be from children OR adults!

8. Loud construction noise or honking when I am trying to sleep.

9. A fly buzzing around in my bedroom right before bedtime (mostly because of the fly itself being on the loose).

10. Overly repetitive songs like this one, which everyone else in my family loves (and they love to torment me with):

Most of these sounds are human generated. I think I would have had an easier time coming up with 10 tastes or smells that drive me crazy...or 10 sounds that I like.

I'm experiencing some hearing problems recently and need to have surgery on my ear (because of a cholesteatoma), so I'm ever appreciative of the sense of hearing. Perhaps that's why this list was so hard for me.

Thanks to Monday Listicles (organized by Stasha at for the inspiration. Check out some more on her site!


  1. Good luck with your upcoming surgery. Buzzing flies could have been on my list too!

  2. Thanks, Robbie. I appreciate it!

  3. I hope all goes well with your surgery. Ask the doctor if there is a little implant that could eliminate Celine Dion from our hearing abilities. I know I would select that surgery too!!!

  4. Oh--that would be a great invention, Stasha! :)