Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Organic grumpies?

Portlandia characters visit a farm
Seattleite Renate Raymond visited her local farmers market recently and found one of the farm stand workers to be incredibly snooty. She asked him about buying a fruit platter, and he condescendingly explained that if she wanted a fruit platter, she should go to Safeway. "We're organic."

(Why can't you have an organic fruit tray, I wonder? In fact, market stands might have a lot of success selling fruit trays! They could even cut them to order!)

As viewers of "Portlandia" know, we Portlanders (and Seattleites) take our food VERY seriously.
The grumpy clerk then told Raymond that he'd have to charge her extra because she didn't bring her own bag. (Farmers market wanderers beware, especially in the Pacific Northwest, never go without your own bag!)

Before we Portlanders go blaming this experience on grumpy and snooty Seattleites...just wait!

Raymond became convinced that there's something about eating organic foods that makes people act all high and mighty about it, and this is proven by a new study by the journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science. It turns out that people who eat organic are more judgmental of others and less likely to be altruistic, presumably because they feel they've already done their good deed by eating local and organic.

I think I'm a corn snob as well as a tomato snob!
I blame my mom. :)
I hope we're not like that. We don't buy everything organic--mostly dairy products and fruits and vegetables. Plus wild fish. Haha.

We try to follow the dirty dozen rules (which foods contain the most pesticides and are best bets for organic investments). 

I wholeheartedly support organic farming and more access to organic foods, but I also recognize that it's more expensive. 

Eating organic is a privilege for those who can afford it, sadly, so we have no reason to look down on others who do not have the resources to invest in organic foods. 

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  1. Interesting topic.....that farmer was just plain rude, also. And got me to wondering, am I judgemental and not as altruistic about the food choices of others who don't share my passion for organic and local? Probably...actually yea, I have been. This is a good reminder to think again (especially not being judgemental is one of the precepts I've taken in my Zen Buddhist community).

    And you've given me the idea of a blog post from this, thanks! Hope things are looking up for all your friends and family who are suffering recently.