Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's Day weekend, 2012

I'm still not quite back on blogging track because I've not been very timely in my posts. Life continues to be a bit overwhelming, with many family and friends going through tough times. Mother's Day weekend was hard in some ways--I was feeling down, and the kids squabbled every time I got in a vehicle with them, prompting me to shout and then feel guilty. I confessed this to a friend at church on Mother's Day, and she gave me a hug (relieved that she's not the only one who loses her cool occasionally!!). We grumpy moms have to stick together! :)

Fortunately, Mom, Nadine, and I had planned for a dinner out on Saturday night, and that was wonderful! We went to Isabel's Cantina in the Pearl, where we drank pear margaritas and each had the same meal (wild salmon), then shared a coconut flan for dessert. It was a lovely evening, with even lovelier company!!

Nadine and Mom

My gorgeous salmon before I devoured it
(the restaurant was open to the outdoors behind me)
The next morning at church was emotional, because our whole community has been reeling after our pastor's breast cancer diagnosis. I had been assigned to do the children's homily, and I had the children read a prayer our steering team had written for Pastor Laurie. They did an amazing job.

After church we had a nice lunch at my parents' house, prepared by the men. Fortunately that weekend was beautiful, so we were able to sit outside!

Mom, Nadine, me, and Trisha (my brother's girlfriend)
Stephen and Trisha
 The boys were very excited to give me their cards and presents.

Card from Chris
"After nearly 16 years, it's been a hell of a ride, but somehow we made it..."

Outside of Kieran's letter
"Warning: Live birds may fly out from packet"

"I love you more" is an inside joke...
Kieran always says that when I say goodnight to him,
as a sort of competition

Plate from Nick (that's our baby elephant Samudra taking a bath)
and birdhouse from Kieran

With my gorgeous sister

After lunch we raced off to the Jenkins Estate for the Barefoot Quilt Show. Clara Barefoot Sehorn is a family friend--she taught my parents to quilt after they retired, and the quilt festival is named in her honor. Clara moved to Olympia several years ago to be near family, so I hadn't seen her in several years. She celebrated 95 this year!

Clara with the boys
  The whole barn was brimming with gorgeous quilts, but I've included only a few here.
The barn full of quilts
Japanese motif


Another Japanese theme

This one made me think of our dear pastor and friend!

Me and Mom with Clara
I would have loved to stay a bit and walk around the Jenkins Estate grounds--it's where we had our wedding reception--but the boys raced back to the car. It's a good thing we headed back to my parents' house, because my sister and her family were still there (we thought they would have left while we were gone).
Annual Mother's Day portrait
A friend from Arizona was visiting for a few days, so the next day we met her and Mom and Dad in a park for a picnic.

Love this photo of my parents!

Chris and Mike

Me with Kathy
Happy Mother's Day a bit late!

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