Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fun with cousins and sisters in Puyallup

We headed up to Puyallup for Memorial Day weekend. We hadn't visited my sister and her family for several months, so we figured a visit was long overdue!

Saturday we got to see our nephew Ryan play baseball
Mike and Nadine in the stands

Kieran and Garrett
After the game we headed to the Puyallup library and farmers market.
All six boys in the lobby of the library

Shave ice at the market--
it was a beautiful day!
David and Nadine

Me and Mike
All weekend the boys were desperate to try out Nadine and David's big jacuzzi fact, they even cleaned it first! They didn't get to try it out until the final day of our visit. 
Fun in the bath

Bubbles made it really exciting!

Five boys in a bathtub!
Nicholas in particular was terribly sad when we left on Monday. It's always a shame to part...the kids always have such a fantastic time together. They are all best buddies.

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