Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring break--a few days in McCall

We decided to get out of Boise for a few give our hosts a break and to see something outside of Boise. I booked a log cabin online a few miles outside of McCall, about 2.5 hours from Boise. The drive up there was gorgeous, and the area was blanketed in snow. It also snowed while we were there.

View from the front porch

The poor elk in the living room
(Nick was very curious about him)
The house also had ONE Newt Gingrich. I was going to take a photo of Mike reading it, but I forgot.
Nick playing on the log bed

The boys had a great time playing in the snow

Nick playing with his little "Bambi" and Thumper

Curled up with a good book (NOT by Newt Gingrich)

Mike continuing to be immersed in his book (also not by Newt Gingrich)

More snow
Chris, taking over the master bedroom temporarily

Taking advantage of the hot tub on the back deck

I deleted the naked photo Nick took! :)

All ready for bed

More snow play

Thanks, Shelia, for lending them snow gear!
We adventured into McCall one day, exploring the little town and the frozen lake. Before we went into town, I was doing some web searching and discovered the McCall Chamber of Commerce web site. Akin to the "OBAMA--One Big Ass Mistake America" bumper sticker I spied in Baker City, I was similarly horrified to discover that the Chamber of Commerce has a "Why Some Americans Question the Legality of the President" tab on its web site. Mike reminded me that the Chamber of Commerce tends to be notoriously Republican, but I still think it's bizarre (and wrong) to be so obviously partisan on a supposedly nonpartisan organization's web site. Clearly, we were not in northwestern Oregon any more. (Hello, Newt Gingrich...)
By the shores of the frozen lake--the first one I'd ever seen

Too bad this was so dark and grainy!

Frozen lake

With my big boy
We went to the visitor center at Ponderosa State Park, where we spent some time talking to the friendly ranger. I imagine she was a bit bored as we were the only ones there. We asked her if anyone goes out to walk on the lake, and she said "never the locals"! Apparently one year a snowmachine groomer drove out onto a lake and the $195,000 piece of equipment was lost forever.

Kieran playing in the snow, which was quite deep

In McCall
(The bench depicted Sharlie, the Lochness Monster legend of Payette Lake)

Posing with the bears
We had dinner that afternoon at the McCall Brewing Company, which was okay but pricey (and we didn't like it as well as the Barley Brown Pub in Baker City).

We spent lots of time reading, watching movies, and hanging out. The cabin had a bunch of old videos, so Chris and I watched "Titanic" (his first time), and we all watched "Mrs. Doubtfire" on the last evening.

Nick spied a "Bambi" in front of the log house and pointed it out to the rest of us!
We had cut our McCall visit a bit short because all the power and water went out on our last morning there. So back to Boise we went!

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