Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend excitement--three plays and an auction!

Friday night we went to see a production of "Little House on the Prairie" at the local arts center; several kids from Kieran's school (including one of his best friends, Kayra, who was Laura) were in the show. As is so often the case in theater, the girls vastly outnumbered the boys. The only boy played Mr. Edwards. Can you imagine a Little House without Pa Ingalls? Unimaginable! I wonder why they chose to keep Mr. Edwards over Pa; they must have had to rewrite the play quite a bit. The play was a bit nonsensical anyway; it didn't feel much like the Little House I knew and loved...with the exception of the fact that there was a fight at the end, and Laura got to punch out Nellie Oleson!

Saturday evening we went to the Thomas A. Edison High School auction at the Governor Hotel. It was pretty swish, and we felt pretty poor! Just to get in and buy a raffle ticket, some raffle beads, and two glasses of wine set us back over $200, and everything we bid on got too expensive for our wallets. I think most of the people spending a lot of the money were those who do not currently have students there. All for a good cause, though. Each family had to procure items, and Mike had arranged for children's authors to donate signed copies of their books:

Of course, the highlight of the evening was hanging out
with our dear friends Lynn and Jolie!
Sunday afternoon Mike and I went to the Portland Center Stage production of "Red," about artist Mark Rothko. It was good but I think I enjoyed the theater's premiere production of "North Plan" better...probably because I think I'm not patient, deep, or contemplative enough for abstract art! I'm sure abstract art lovers appreciate the play more than I do. One of my friends loved it.

Then last evening, Kieran and I went to "Wicked." He's been waiting for that night for nearly four years (since he learned of the play's existence)...and especially since we gave him the tickets for Christmas. He absolutely LOVED the show--he kept leaning over and asking me to pinch him!

I lucked out and found that baseball hat in a resale shop!
I think this is my new favorite photo of my middle child.

Thanks for taking our photo, Mary!
We had a very fun--and busy--weekend!


  1. Wow! Looks like you had a super fun weekend! I was going to go to a play this weekend too, but when I got there they had totally sold out of tickets and had to turn away over a hundred people! :P

  2. P.S. Good grief! I just found your blog, and just now noticed the name of your blog and the quote on top! I literally published a post using that quote a couple of minutes ago!!

  3. I love it when those kinds of things happen, Inna! Thanks for your comments.