Friday, March 16, 2012

Kieran's St. Patrick's Day

Kieran, St. Patrick's Day 2009
My little Irish boy, Kieran, just realized it's St. Patrick's Day tomorrow as he was going to bed. He immediately whipped into action, determined to set up a leprechaun trap and put green stuff in the toilets. When I insisted that he had to go to bed, he told me that I should locate some green paint and put some on my feet and make footprints around the floor...and put green food coloring in the toilets.

Kieran's no more Irish than the rest of the kids (at least 1/4 from Mike's genes and possibly a tiny bit from me), but he thinks of himself as Irish since he has the Irish name (spelled the English way).

We chose his name not because it was Irish, but because we both liked it. Mike has a college chum named Keiron (spelled slightly differently). Independently, we both came up with that name when I was pregnant, were I to have a boy.

The "Baby Names of Ireland" web site says this about the name:
"Ciar "dark" and the diminutive-in it means "little dark one." Popular for over 1500 years, at least 26 saints have borne the name. The most notable, St. Ciaran of Clonmacnoise (c. 530 AD), was the son of a carpenter who studied with St. Enda for seven years and went on to establish a monastery at Clonmacnoise, on the banks of the River Shannon in County Westmeath. It became a major spiritual and educational center and despite being plundered by the Vikings and the English, remained a major religious center until the 1550s."

This morning the second-graders had their leprechaun traps set up in the classroom. Both second-graders and third-graders were wild this morning during the point that Kieran's teacher had the third graders write letters of apology, which Kieran delivered when he arrived home. I think they have spring fever!

So Happy St. Patrick's Day! Tomorrow night we will be celebrating by attending the auction for Chris' high school...a ritzy affair at the Governor Hotel. The school director is Irish and massively into that fact, so I'm sure there will be a huge St. Patrick's Day theme!

I leave you with this delightful rendition of Danny Boy by the Muppets.  Nick went through a Muppets craze last year when we discovered all the great videos on Youtube. This was one of his favorites, because he especially loves Animal (I like Beaker):

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  1. I don't think you should expose your son to Beaker.