Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spicy hot chili kids

Here's the latest adventure of Kieran. The other day he began a competition with a classmate to see who could best tolerate spicy foods. It began when he took sushi for lunch and his friend, Ceci asked for the wasabi. From there it developed into some kind of a dare. Kieran came home and developed a concoction of jalapeno peppers, wasabi peas, and tabasco sauce.

Showing off his creation
The spicy hot peppers
Drinking water--at last!
He decided to practice by eating one and waiting one full minute before drinking any water (he set the timer). Success! The next day at school, the competition was on. The kids in their class split into two camps, mostly along gender lines. They each have "managers." He apparently won, but CeCi is stepping up her game. According to her mom, she has been crafting all sorts of scary creations...and she now has a lawyer! :) Apparently, the teachers are unaware of this little competition going on, but the whole class is getting into the act!

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