Monday, February 13, 2012

Rest in peace, dear friend

I found out yesterday that a friend took her own life in January. Joene was not a close friend...she was someone I knew through church, but she left our church a few years ago and never returned. I knew she was depressed--she was having health and job problems. I reached out to her via e-mail and became her Facebook friend, but she did not respond to my efforts to connect. I know that any efforts on my part would not have prevented her from choosing the route she did, but I wish I could have let her know that I cared. I enjoyed making music with her while she was part of our community.

On the ark at Holden Village, 2007

Performing with "Consulting with Papists," 2008

Another "Consorting" performance

Singing and playing with the band
Joene was a librarian, spoke Spanish, and didn't have faith in her own voice until she started singing in the band. I remember how much she loved it, but even though I invited her to join us each time we got the band together again, I never heard from her. I'm sure that when you are depressed, being around happy people...and especially happy especially hard.

I will miss you, my friend, and always remember your music and your smile.

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  1. Thankyou so much Marie. Joene was/is so precious to me. I'm her younger sister Holly and she taught me how to play some of the first songs I played on guitar. We also sang and made music together. Joene was loved very much. I believe she is able to fully experience that love now...