Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cuties of the day

I took this last Friday, when Kieran had the day off school. Because he's always moaning about Mike taking Nick to do fun things, I took him out to breakfast at Marco's. We had a delightful time, followed by a brief stroll through Multnomah Village. He especially spending some of his allowance at the candy store, Sweets Etc. Then we went to go pick up Nick from preschool, and this tree is outside of the building...apparently climbing the tree is a tried-and-true tradition upon pickup (in recent weeks).

Monday I got to help in Nick's class at preschool--so much fun! I got to oversee the "sink or float" game, when they hypothesized whether an object would sink or float in the water. It was a wet game! I laughed when one of the little girls in the class had to go to the bathroom and asked me to "put it on pause." Such a DVD generation we are raising!

Here is Nick with his best buddy Cameron, and my hand holding a pinecone. Wouldn't life be better if we all got to stay in was so much simpler (and more fun!) then...

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