Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bill Maher calls out conservatives for unprecedented attacks on Obama

Bill Maher, who is not particularly my favorite person, astutely notes that the incredible disrespect shown by Republicans toward President Obama is completely unprecedented. Never has a sitting president been so belittled, taunted, insulted, and disrespected, right to his face. What's the difference: yes, race. It's no different from the way that black people have been taking crap all these years and just putting up with it. In Obama's case, he doesn't have much of a choice or he'll be labeled an "angry black man."
But there is something about this president that makes conservatives think it’s okay to go ape shit in his presence. They didn’t do this Carter, an actual pacifist, or Clinton who really did have a plan for universal health care, or LBJ, who actually made it easier for poor people to vote and eat. All of them clearly, evil America haters, but they got treated with a modicum of respect, at least to their faces.

Not Obama. What can it be that’s different about him?

It’s either his race, or it’s your brain chemistry, or it’s something that happened when you dad spanked you and liked it, and you were looking at a box of Cream of Wheat. I don’t know. I’m not a therapist. Maybe, it’s not race? I don’t know what’s in people’s hearts. Except Newt Gingrich, I know what’s in his heart, lust and cheese fries.

But this type of in the room, in your face, in your space respect disrespect is new. Admit that, and I will admit that of course, something like impeaching Clinton was far more serious, but it was also at least in some ways more respectful. It was done with high pomp through official channels. It was all about the rule of law, and the Chief Justice wore a special robe he got from a musical, or something, and somehow that is a lot more respectful than this.

Not that if Obama ever did anything like Clinton did, he would even be alive. Can you imagine what they would do if they ever found out Obama had sex with a White House intern on Easter? Talk about colored eggs. He would have been impeached two times, one for each testicle. This president has had to be the Caesar’s wife of Pennsylvania Avenue, the Jackie Robinson of American politics, never reacting to the taunts from the stands. But after you do this to try to get his goat, what’s next? A wedgie? A purple nurple?

Gov. Brewer said she did this because she felt threatened. Right, like Obama ran his finger down his blouse and said, ‘you my white princess.’
Show some respect, people!!


  1. I honestly admire the way you still care. I am unsure if Obama cares or not. Personally I would not put my family through what he does because nothing will change, so I am unsure of his motives.

    To paraphrase Santayana, I haven't enough respect for the human race to care whether it destroys itself or not.

  2. I think that all politicians must have some egotistical motives, and they also see themselves as called to lead. While Obama has not governed perfectly and I haven't been happy with everything he has done, he has been a president to be proud of. He's had to battle the partisan politics plaguing the capitol and the country.

    I have hope that things can change (after all, it hasn't even been 100 years since women got the vote), although it definitely feels like we've taken some huge steps backward recently!!

  3. I'm sorry, but wasn't Bush treated just as badly if not worse? I'm sure that, for some people, the President's race is an issue. However, I have talked to quite a few people that don't agree with him and I assure you, race is not even on the radar for the vast, vast majority. Now, some may claim that people will hide their bigotry behind other facades, and that is a point. But the counter to that comes in when Mr. Obama's critics also criticize his white male colleagues with as much passion. Clearly race isn't an issue there, is it? No, the fact is most of his critics are simply afraid of what his policies can do to their country.

    In fact, I would dare say that there are more people that voted FOR him because of his race than there who voted AGAINST him because of it.

  4. I see we don't agree on whether President Obama has done a good job, and I suspect you believe that Bush did a better job. I was no fan of Bush, and I agree that liberal pundits and bloggers, not to mention comedians, gave him a hard time. But not directly to his face--that's what is different now. It was an Iraqi journalist who threw a shoe at George Bush, not an American. I don't recall any Democrat ever accosting him at an airport so she/he could point a finger in his face and argue with him...or heckling him when he was speaking. The Republican presidential candidates speak about Obama as if he is evil incarnate...and this is considered acceptable. With the exception of a few fringe elements (in every group), the Democrats were never as publicly hateful as this.