Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas celebrations Part 2: family and sobriety celebrations

Christmas festivities continued on Boxing Day, when my sister and her family came down from Puyallup. We had a turkey dinner at my parents' house and opened MORE presents. Our celebration was especially sweet this year because my brother was with us...and he celebrated 1 year of being clean and sober that week. We are all so proud of him and SOOOO glad he could be with us!

Chris (typical teen look!) modeling his new hoodie--which he LOVES!
He's worn it practically every day since he got it!

Stephen in the flannel hoodie we got him

Grandpa-cousin pig pile!

Mike with Nick (I mean Woody)

My beautiful sister and her handsome hubby

Grandma's turn!
Stephen with Dad
Stephen wrote beautiful, heartfelt letters to each couple, and he also had an incredibly moving letter for all of the boys, which he read out loud to them. Then he gave them each a handmade bracelet made by a friend of his, and told them that this bracelet represented God and God's presence in their lives. The tears flowed, let me tell you!
Tying the bracelets on the kids' wrists

Uncle Stephen with the boys

The next day Mom, Nadine, and I had a brief shopping trip downtown...the prime purpose for me to go to Cacao, a chocolate boutique! My sister-in-law Shemara is a chocoholic, and I wanted to get her some really great-quality chocolate. I loved this place. I had a cinnamon hot chocolate ($2 for a shot size) that was divine! It's not cheap, but I love the variety and the quality of this place. They source much of their cocoa directly from the farmers, so it's direct trade rather than free trade.

After wandering around in a handful of stores, we all felt worn out! I guess it must have been all the excitement of the holidays. So we ended up in Starbucks. :)
Nadine and Mom

With my lovely mom
 Then we proceeded to hang out more at my parents' house. The next night the hordes came to us.

David, Ryan, and Nadine

Nick in leather jacket and his new pirate hat

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