Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas art show

Christmas afternoon Kieran and I accompanied my parents to go visit my Uncle Lloyd, who is in his late 80s and still living on his own not too far from us. He was an artist and painter, and I remember proudly showing his painting on the Girl Scout cookie boxes I was selling. He used to work in advertising and had the local Grandma's Cookies account (this was when Grandma's was an Oregon operation, before they were bought by Frito-Lay in 1980). In fact, one of my favorite memories of growing up in Beaverton was smelling the home-baked cookie goodness when the wind blew the right way. (When it blew another direction, I smelled the sewage treatment plant!)

Uncle Lloyd took us through the little art gallery he has in his home. The sheer number of various styles and media was stunning--none of his art looked the same.

Sadly, both of my uncle's sons have died...David not long before Mike and I got married, and John just a few years ago. His wife, Audrey, died several years ago, as well as his daughter-in-law. His only descendant is his grandson, who is in his 20s.

Kieran with Uncle Lloyd

One of my favorites--
He painted this while observing another artist painting in the Rose Gardens

Studies in flowers

Great White Heron


The mouth of the Columbia

Photo of my Aunt Audrey's mother
(my aunt died several years ago)

Portrait of Uncle Lloyd's grandson, Matthew

Pen and ink drawings he did for an advertising campaign

The coast

Our little Vanna :)

He was holding a broom to help himself stay steady

Another one of his grandson Matthew

Mt. Hood


A study of different types of trees

Matthew again, I believe

Hard to see in the photo, but I loved the color combination in this one


Photo of my beloved maternal grandma, Rita
She had the greenest thumb of anyone I've ever known!!
My brother lives in her house now, where this photo was taken.

My Aunt Audrey

Lloyd with the portrait he did of his son, John

One of my favorite photos of my maternal grandparents, Rita and Lloyd Sr.


Dad with Uncle Lloyd
At home, we had a quiet Christmas evening, eating yaki soba. I've had a hankering for Japanese food lately, especially after my fun trip to Uwajimaya.

Mike modeling his Christmas present from me: a shirt that says
"Middle Grade Mafioso" (his online moniker) and new business cards

Yaki soba for dinner!

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