Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The car saga continues: it's been curbstoned!

Remember a few days ago when I wrote about our suspicious sale of the Toyota Camry Wagon? Well, our suspicions turned out to be well founded.

Not two days later, it has shown up on craigslist...for $2,400, $1,100 more than what we sold it for.

Also, it now has only 119,000 miles on it instead of 180,000 miles. And supposedly two owners. It was also a 1995 Camry, not a 1996. But we can tell it's our car. Toyota Camry Wagons are rare.
The men who bought it clocked the miles and are lying through their teeth about its problems (it's called curbstoning, and it's a big problem in Oregon). It just makes me sick that our old car is going to end up in the hands of a trusting person who will soon find out it needs a new engine...and then maybe they will find out that it really has 180,000 miles and is one year older than they thought.

We wish we could do something about it, but there's really not anything we can do. And the men know where we live, so we wouldn't want them to retaliate against us.

We've always bought secondhand cars directly from the seller--this was the first time we'd bought from a dealer--we've had them checked out by mechanics and run the VIN number through Carfax...but I feel very differently about it now. Next time we have to buy a secondhand car, we'll go through a broker again. The whole thing just makes me sick to my stomach.


  1. Holy cow! What an unhappy discovery :-(

  2. I know--it's very frustrating not to be able to do anything about it!