Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sexist Republican double standard

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, the rotund man to the right, has said that our glamorous, shapely first lady has a big butt. Yes, he is criticizing HER figure.

Obama, Sensenbrenner said loudly on the phone in Reagan National Airport, "lectures us on eating right while she has a large posterior herself." He was recounting a conversation he had at a church event in Wisconsin, so you can bet he's spouted this obnoxious, sexist opinion on more than occasion. Yes, he apologized, but only after being called on the carpet in the press.

He's not the first LARGE Republican man to criticize Michelle Obama's appearance.

In February, the grotesque and repellent Rush Limbaugh said that Obama was not walking her talk. The conservative commenter Andrew Breitbart, no slim wisp himself, published a horrible cartoon on his web site showing Ms. Obama wolfing down multiple cheeseburgers and talking about eating healthy (which I will not share here).

This is not only partisan crap, but it's also a misogynist double standard. I'll take Michelle Obama's beautiful figure any day, and I'd far rather look at her than the likes of these rude and fat white men.

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  1. Are you kidding me?!?! I would KILL to have the beautiful, slim figure of Michelle Obama! Ugh...why is it even okay for people to publicly criticize women's bodies anyway? Ridiculous.