Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween with the jester and Spiderman

Happy Halloween, a day late. Yesterday I left work early so I could go to our elementary school to view the annual Halloween parade, a huge tradition at the school. It's usually outside except in case of inclement weather.

Kieran in costume--isn't he lovely?
As soon as everyone gathered on the blacktop, the heavens opened. (This was after I commented to Mike on the way to the school how lucky they were to have nice weather for the parade.)

After the inclement weather--in the gym
It was a bit of a chaotic scene, and I for one missed our former principal, who always used to keep the troops under control and moving along in an orderly fashion (in costume). The new principal was absent yesterday, and the substitute principal just didn't have the flair.
Mike, Spidey, and our good friend's sister Kathy

Kieran in his class (with his pirate teacher)--waiting for their party festivities to begin

The jester and Harry
Of course, when we walked out of the school, the weather was glorious, with clear, sunny skies!

Nick, too, had a party at his school and got to wear his costume. In preschool they each bring a bottle of juice and make a "potion" together...which Nick of course refused to taste.

Mike took Kieran to martial arts on his favorite day to attend all year. His two teachers were dressed as Han Solo and Princess Leia, and all the kids come dressed in costume. Even though I handed Mike the camera and instructed him to take photos, he failed. Story of my life...I'm the family photographer. If it were up to him, we'd have only a handful of photos!

My parents came over for a quick dinner, and then we went over to see my 87-year-old Uncle Lloyd, my mom's brother. He's always been a bit reclusive so I have never been close to him, but my parents have been spending a great deal of time with him since his wife and second son died. It was great to see him again--it had been quite awhile, and Mike had never seen his house, even though he lives about 2 miles away from us. He doesn't look much older than he did when I was a kid!!

Apparently he loves Halloween and hires someone to come help give away candy.

Uncle Lloyd with the boys

With me and my mom
Then it was off trick or treating through our neighborhood, where the kids collected far more candy than they need or can eat any time soon. When Mike first came to the U.S., he was a Halloween scrooge. Now I think I'm the Halloween scrooge. I just see so much excess...and then there's the slave labor-chocolate connection. The kids love it, so I keep my opinions to myself.

Trick or treating (Nick got tired of wearing his mask)
I did admire some creative candy alternatives, such as boxes of cereal, pencils, raisins, and bags of nuts and dried fruit. Chris put on a scary mask (Jason from Friday the 13th) and went trick or treating with the boys. Some people mistook him for the kids' dad!! Haha. Serves him right. He hasn't gone the last two years, but next year I'm putting my foot down. Ninth grade was the last year I went trick or treating with friends--I still remember it. I was dressed as a baby. (Funny, because that's the only Halloween costume I remember from my childhood!!)

With that said, someone on Facebook posted that she had high school kids come around her neighborhood singing Christmas carols. That's a highly creative idea! Singing for candy.

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