Monday, November 21, 2011

Fox News viewers not the brightest bulbs...

Now we have data to prove this theory. A poll by Farleigh Dickinson University found that people who watch Fox News are 18 points less likely to know that Egyptians overthrew their government and 6 points less likely to know that Syrians have not yet overthrown their government compared to those who watch no news.

Dan Cassino, professor of political science and analyst for the PublicMind Poll, noted that "the results show us that there is something about watching Fox News that leads people to do worse on these questions than those who don’t watch any news at all."

In fact, sources that increase people's knowledge include The New York Times, USA Today, NPR, and Jon Stewart.

This is not the first study to conclude that Fox dumbs down the news. Last year, a University of Maryland study found that Fox News viewers were more likely to believe false information about politics.

No surprises here.

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