Monday, October 31, 2011

Why is it okay for a girl to dress like a boy, and not the other way around?

It's homophobia, pure and simple. No one gives a second thought when girls dress up as male characters, right?

Last year blogger Sarah Manley allowed her son to dress as Daphne from Scooby Doo and unknowingly created an internet firestorm. I wrote about how she was a braver woman than I am, since two of my sons expressed interest in dressing as female characters and we steered them toward other costumes. Because of our liberal community and awesome friends and family, we would have been unlikely to encounter the same reaction as Manley did.

Now Manley is reflecting back on the year in which she was catapulted into notoriety. I agree with her that bully parents make bully children:
"I think what became so clear to me from this experience was that children are not born hating anything just because it’s different. They learn it. And with the ever increasing list of child suicides tied to bullying, it is a cycle that must end.

It is our job as rational human beings to teach our children and those around us that it is O.K. to be different. It’s O.K. to not conform to every single thing. It’s O.K. to be who we are. We can’t bow to that lowest common denominator."
Nicholas has passed way beyond his princess phase. This year he is Spiderman and he eschews all things girl related (and girls in general). (I'm okay because I'm a grownup. Grownup girls are okay in his book.) As I said last year, I wish I'd had the courage to let him live out his princess self during that phase--it will never pass this way again. Well never say never...I guess you never know!
I love that my friend and her husband are supporting their sweet son to live out his princess fantasies this year for Halloween. Doesn't he make an adorable witchy princess?

Here's a sort of funny spoof from the Onion on how to find appropriate "manly" costumes for effeminate boys. I actually thought it was really sad...because (1) some people actually treat their children like that, and (2) because of the bullying in the video (ala Carrie--that broke my heart instead of making me laugh). I know it's meant to be a parody and point out ridiculous some people are, but I found it to be disturbing. What do you think?

How To Find A Masculine Halloween Costume For Your Effeminate Son

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  1. true. especially in america, there's also something called speedophobia, a neologism coined by marks simpson, the gay british journalist who coined the terms metrosexual and sporn.
    why can women wear bikinis while men can't where speedos? speedophobia is a form of sexism.