Saturday, October 29, 2011

Long live the queen(s)!

When I first started dating Mike, I recall my surprise when he told me that members of the British royal family could not marry Catholics or they would give up their rights to the throne. I mean, this was 1987! (Well, it was when I first met Mike.) I guess it hasn't been long enough since the crusades.

Now not only can the royals marry Catholics, but the female children actually have the same access to the throne as the male children. So if Kate and Will have a first-born daughter, she automatically gets in line to the throne. The Daily Beast reported that William and Kate's child would be fourth in line to the throne (the position currently held by Prince Andrew); however, Mike informs me that this is incorrect. Obviously, Tina Brown did not proofread that article.

Poor Princess Anne...the rule change came too late for her. Wonder how things might have turned out differently for Charles if he hadn't had the weight of the monarchy on his shoulders. Would he have married the woman he loved, instead of the woman the world loved?

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