Sunday, October 23, 2011

John Lithgow on Prairie Home Companion

I enjoyed listening to Prairie Home Companion this afternoon via Stitcher Radio on my iPhone...I drove Kieran to play rehearsal and then ran to Costco and I didn't want to miss anything because today the guest was one of my favorites, John Lithgow. Mike and I got to see him perform on Broadway in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," and we both loved "Third Rock from the Sun."

I especially enjoyed "Teacher," and I also loved the music today, from an acoustic duo named Storyhill.

I also enjoyed "The Lives of the Cowboys,"

but it made me would not have been so funny at the end if the prison warden had been male and Lithgow had been female. It made me think about how sexual harassment is portrayed as humorous when it involves a man being harassed by a woman, and not the other way around. I imagine this must be infuriating for any male who has been put in a vulnerable position by a female superior.

Lithgow has a new book out, which I already had on hold at the library. He is so skilled at playing clueless people in such a classy way. Love him!

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