Friday, October 28, 2011

Jesus, the original zombie

For years, diehard fundamentalist Christians have shunned Hallowe'en as a pagan holiday (hello Christmas and Easter!). Pat Robertson calls it "Satan's night...the night of the devil." A pastor in Calgary has started a new movement that he is calling "World Evangelism Day": Jesus Ween.

Yes, you read that right. Such an unfortunate name!

Participants in "Jesus Ween" are encouraged to wear white "to symbolize righteousness" and hand out bibles or "Christian gifts." Because it is acceptable (and encouraged) for people to solicit and knock on doors, the idea is to take advantage of these unsuspecting children who think they're going to receive candy...and instead give them a Christian CD or tract. Won't they be delighted? Doesn't sound like a very good way to attract followers.

Jesus Ween will be followed by "Jesus Win," a two-week period when participants are encouraged to share their evangelism successes. Will this take off and be "one of the most effective Christian outreach days ever," as the founder predicts? I am thinking not. As one blogger commented, it sounds like a good way to get your house TP'd.

As Stephen Colbert riffed, "Jesus is the original zombie." Watch his take on "Jesus Ween" and why Jesus and Hallowe'en are a natural connection. Love him.

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