Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good news for the day

I got up at 4:30 a.m. today to get ready to fly out to Denver...I came here for a meeting, yet when I arrived I discovered that they don't actually need me in the meeting until tomorrow...so I could have flown in later today. Fortunately I used the time to make some good connections and it's all good...although I'm more than a little tired. (Denver always makes me feel tired anyway.)

But it was in this frame of mind that I discovered that I might be predisposed to live a longer life. Now of course we must ask ourselves if this is always a good thing...the idea of outliving Mike makes me anxious. And then there's the question of whether we'll have enough retirement savings to support long lives. But I'm not going to worry about all that now. Today I will celebrate because of the ten indicators for longevity researchers have recently discovered, I am lucky enough to score well in several categories (indicated by the purple font):

1. How many elderly relatives are in your family tree? This one I don't do so well on, at least with my grandparents. None of them reached the age of 90, but I'm guessing my parents will!

2. How fast and how far can you walk? Anyone who's ever taken a walk with me knows that these short legs can go quite fast!

3. Do you have a lot of people in your life? I feel very, very blessed to be able to answer that question with a yes. We have many wonderful communities around us...children's schools, church, family, childhood friends, work, and former workmates.

4. Are you a woman? Well, yes.

5. Did you have a child after 35? Contrary to what it feels like (that older parenting gives you gray hairs), apparently it's a sign of longevity if you get pregnant after 35. Given the fact that I bore two children after 35 (one at 38 and one at nearly 42), my body should definitely be aging slowly!

6. When were you born? Well, this doesn't help me much...apparently the later that you're born, the longer your longevity.

7. Do you worry--but not too much? Apparently it's best to strive for a "healthy" worry level. I think that fits me. I do worry, but wouldn't describe myself as a worrier. I'm much more of a Tigger than an Eeyore. Half-glass empty types tend to die sooner, perhaps as a self-fulfilling prophecy?

8. Is your weight normal--or are you slighly overweight? Yes--I'd be happy to lose a few pounds, but I'm not terribly far from my goal weight. The more serious goal for me is to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.

9. How long are your telomeres? I don't know the answer to that question...but I do like to eat salmon (rich in Omega 3s).

10. Are you a positive person? Yes, I'm definitely an upbeat person. That's not to say I don't ever get depressed or sad, but when it happens, I hate it! I immediately want to snap out of it. (See #7--Tigger vs. Eeyore)

It's getting late here in Denver--10:17 p.m.--and I'm about to collapse. So off to bed to get some shut eye before another (not-quite-so) early morning. Even though it wasn't in the list, I know that sufficient sleep is another healthy habit. Good night!

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