Friday, October 14, 2011

Going to the pumpkin patch

Today, we went to the pumpkin patch. This hasn't been an annual tradition for us, but we've been to a variety of patches over the years. A few of the trips were before digital cameras, so the photos are not too easy to find. Here are some memories from a few years ago...

Kieran at 1-1/2 (2004)

Chris with his friend Sam

Family shot--2004

Family shot the following year--2005 (Chris 9, Kieran 2)
For some reason, when Nicholas was one I ended up taking the two little ones to the pumpkin patch on my own--not sure what Mike and Chris were doing.
2007 (Nick 1, Kieran 4)

Then we had another gap, until Kieran went to the pumpkin patch as a field trip in first grade.
Having lunch after finding the pumpkins--Kieran with his teacher and friend Natalie (2009)
Nicholas hadn't been to a pumpkin patch since he was a little tyke, so when our friends asked if we'd like to accompany them, we were all over it.

In front of the piggies

And goats (Nick was not too anxious to get near them)

On the boat ride

The Loch Ness monster in the lake :)

Pirate scene

Fun with wheelbarrows
Brad and Catherine in the pumpkin patch
Nick on an oblong pumpkin
Found one!

Group shot

And another one
Nicholas found a tiny little white one he liked

Kissing his pumpkin

On the train

Nick posing with Brad

You're never too old for face painting!

Kieran's turn

Very fun outing!


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