Thursday, September 29, 2011

PETA's at it again

Here's the latest in the stupid, ridiculous, sexist antics of PETA. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is angrily protesting this provocative photo of a chicken in Wednesday's New York Times.

Frankly, I find the photo to be disturbing. PETA founder and president Ingrid Newkirk says, "It's downright offensive, not just to people who care about animals but almost to everyone. It's a plucked, beheaded, young chicken in a young pose."
PETA is hardly one to talk. It wasn't enough for the organization to exploit women and minorities for the shock factor. Now PETA is starting its own porn site to attract more converts to its radical stance...because it's okay if you exploit women, as long as you don't exploit (or eat) animals.

"We're hoping to reach a whole new audience of people, some of whom will be shocked by graphic images that maybe they didn't anticipate seeing when they went to the PETA triple-X site," Lindsay Rajt, PETA's associate director of campaigns, said.
PETA even claims that condemning its sexism and exploitation is bad for women: "Our demonstrators, the models, all chose to participate in our campaigns," said Rajt. "It's not a very feminist thing to do to turn to women and tell them whether or not they can use their voices, their bodies to express their voice."

As this writer pointed out, PETA should thank the Times. Who would want to eat a chicken after viewing that photo? It's much more successful (and relevant) than porn.

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