Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gorgeous day for the market!

With so much going on this summer, we haven't made it to the Portland Farmers Market as often as we like. Last week it was pouring down rain, so we skipped it. But today dawned beautiful, with a projected high of 80 degrees F! I'm sure it's one of our last truly nice days before fall sweeps in.

Chris really did NOT WANT to smile, but I forced him!
Guess it's a teenager thing...not so cool to smile any more. First he rolled his eyes at me.

Market bounty!

Chicken on a bicycle (one of the balloon man's hats, which he sold soon after I snapped this photo)
After shopping (and the kids having ice cream sandwiches and me having a coffee), we listened to a wonderful bluegrass band, the Water Tower Bucket Boys, with an amazing mandolin player. I went up to talk to him on their break, and he's another talented male musician who's only been playing the mando for 5 or 6 years!! Here's a video showing off his mandolin playing (only one of the instruments he plays):

Photo of me and Mike, after several tries by Kieran

Mike with the boys
One of my indulgences today was these peppers, which I sauteed at home and created a new addiction...pimientos de padron...peppers sauteed in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. We ate them all up for lunch! Tonight it's corn on the cob and the purple-on-the-vine beans my family grew when I was a kid. They bring back memories of watching them turn green during cooking.
Pimientos de padron

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