Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goodbye trees

I park off of SW Lincoln and walk under these trees, across the street, to get to my office building.

 I decided to catch them on film while I could, because this week they are being chopped down.
 All of them. the name of "progress." They are being removed so the street can be widened and TriMet can construct a $1.49 billion light rail line from Portland to Milwaukie.

This morning the workers were feeding one of the trees into a chipper and I couldn't help but think of that horrific scene in "Fargo."

I'm torn...light rail is a good thing because it reduces vehicle miles traveled and promotes healthier commuting. Construction contractors can certainly use the work. On the other hand, I'd rather see the $1.49 billion applied to our failing public schools and social services rather than extending light rail. Further complicating my feelings is the fact that I work for an engineering firm and TriMet is one of our clients. I'm in favor of mass transit. But I'm also in favor of trees.

TriMet has promised to replace the 830 trees that will be removed along the construction route with 2,000 trees. That is a good thing. But I'm still sad. I'll miss these trees.

The City of Portland is about to start sewer work along the freeway off-ramp I take to get to work (Multnomah Boulevard) and will be removing more trees to do so. The Fred Meyer where we regularly shop has been under construction for several months, and we are all anxious to have the store reopen.

I'm tired of construction. Whine done.

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