Friday, September 2, 2011

End of summer

I can't believe that summer is officially over this weekend, and we have been teased with warmish weather in Oregon. Just as we get used to it, it cools off. And now it's forecasted to warm up again this weekend. Our last hurrah!

This is my last post summarizing our week at the beach--we have been back in Portland for over a week now, and Chris has completed week #1 of high school. I'm happy to report that it was a great success, and he seems to be enjoying it!

My brain is still on the beach!

Here is Dad, who I decided to capture on film when we noticed he was sleeping while reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo--perhaps the only person who could fall asleep while reading that book! (Except for Mike, if it's bedtime.) He woke up before I took the photo, so he decided to pose for me.
Pretending to sleep (with a grin?)

Nadine and David relaxing in our rental house

Poor tuckered-out Nick fell asleep in the car, and we couldn't wake him up for quite awhile!

View of the kitchen and spiral staircase

One morning we took a lovely mini-hike through Oswald West State Park down to Short Sands Beach.

Hikes are for photos, in my kids' book!
With the cousins

So many trees for crawling into!

So purty!!

Kieran and Garrett

On the bridge

View from the bench Nadine and I were perched on!

My 15-year-old!

The last day we were there (we returned to Portland while Nadine and David and kids went to Rockaway to spend a few more days with Mom and Dad), we walked down to the beach near the house before heading home. It has a lot of stones on the dunes, leading down to the sand. It's not as good of a sandy beach as Rockaway, but every part of the Oregon Coast is beautiful in its own way.
Kieran on the beach


The misty beach

Not wanting to head back to Portland!

The boys took advantage of the strategically advantaged bridge to stage an impromptu play of the "Three Billy Goats Gruff."
The little goat crossing the bridge

Being tackled by the troll(s)
One of the trolls wrestling with the middle goat

Scared goats

Ryan as the big goat (with trolls)

Getting ready to grab him!

Our family in front of the house before departure
Nadine, David, Ashley, and kids
I don't want summer to be over!

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