Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to school 2011

Each of our sons starts school on a different week. Chris began high school last week (his school follows the Catholic schools because it's on the campus of Jesuit). He enjoyed his first week and so far, so good, although this week he's been feeling nostalgic about not going to Wilson (and missing his friends). He's happy to be playing in the Jesuit concert band.

Kieran began third grade on Tuesday and is excited about his teacher's pirate curriculum. Here are the traditional first-day photos:

Ninth grader and third grader

Nick getting in on the act
Kieran informed us on the way to school that this is the last year we are allowed to take him to school on the first day and he would be riding the bus. (I reminded him that next year Nick will be starting kindergarten and we would be going to school to drop him off anyway.) He wouldn't even high five us before we left! Guess it's just not cool know.
Getting started
We had Chris in tow (we dropped him off next), so when he saw Ms. Byrne (who has known Chris since he was in kindergarten, and she also knew my dad when he was a school social worker) I had him pose for a photo with her...

Nick starts his second year of preschool next week. When he starts kindergarten next year, it will be a luxury for us to have two of our kids in the same school for two years! Altogether, we'll be at our elementary school for 16 years without a break--it's a good thing we love the school!

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