Saturday, August 13, 2011

One of my heroes on Stephen Colbert

The phenomenal Gloria Steinem visited the Stephen Colbert show to promote the new HBO documentary about her life. As Colbert describes it, "it's a window into a time when sexism existed." Steinem addressed the awkward issue of her being labeled as a "pretty feminist," and she refuses to take the bait of bashing younger women who do not particularly claim the feminist label. In fact, she says that young women are more feminist than her generation ever was.

Clearly, Colbert has great fondness for Steinem. She appeared on his show last June, where they talked about the field of Republican women politicians, among other things:

And before that, Steinem and Jane Fonda both appeared with Colbert, and they baked a pie together and did a lot of kissing (!).

Gloria Steinem is so wise and grounded, and she is a perfect sounding board for Colbert's jokes. They are a great team.

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