Friday, August 26, 2011

Multnomah Days 2011

Last weekend was our little small-town-within-a-big-city's annual festival, Multnomah Days. We were planning to leave for the beach on Friday and skip Multnomah Days this year, but that was before Kieran's martial arts school started recruiting for kids to march in the parade. Kieran begged us to stay for the parade--his first ever. So we caved. Chris also had the opportunity to march in the parade with his middle school drama group (and do the "Thriller" dance). We love the parade and the event anyway, so we all made the most of it.

Mike and Nick ready to catch candy (he made a haul!)

The only parade with quilts in it, I bet!

With friends Stephanie and Sam

Can't remember their names--but this group of men dress up as women
(and march with real women)--they are always a hit!
Chris with theater group


One of the most popular features of the parade, the Get a Life Marching Band

The Ernie Reyes West Coast Martial Arts School

Kieran with his group

Sparring with a partner

Hi Mom and Dad!

Okay, I'll smile!
After the parade we hung out a bit at the Multnomah Arts Center, where Kieran participated in some martial arts demos, Nick went down the inflatable slide, and I perused the ceramics sale. It was very hot on Saturday, but we enjoyed ourselves!

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