Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two kids could not be more different...

Mike just dropped the two younger kids off at day camp at a nearby community center, and when he returned he commented that 8-year-old Kieran immediately dives into the kids, participating in whatever they are doing or initiating a new activity. Nick hovers near the door, asking to be picked up. They did this yesterday when I dropped them off, too.

I reminded him of their age difference and the fact that when Kieran first went to preschool, he had to take a laminated photo of us with him to make himself feel better. Those days are long gone. Now he is desperate to go to overnight camp and loves to be in the thick of things. He definitely takes after me that way. It's why I might have a hard time working at home full time, whereas Mike has been perfectly comfortable staying at home for 21 years.

Nick has been clinging to the youngest child mantle, as well...he's almost 5 but seems so much younger than Kieran did at the same age.

One thing they do have in common, though, is their love of drama. Nick has a different costume and character every day...most of them recently seem to involve pajamas for some reason!

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