Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Portland makes GQ's "Worst-Dressed Cities" list!

That paragon of male fashion, GQ, has issued its list of the 40 worst-dressed cities in America, and Portland made the list at #36 (Seattle beat us at #34). It's difficult to get ticked off about this inclusion given the fact that Manhattan also appears on the list. This is what it says about Portland:
"At one of the city's most New Yorkian bars, in the Ace Hotel, amid the ranks of identically plaid-shirted and black-framed hipsters, one might glimpse a fully gothed-out, red-headed woman, resplendent in a purple velvet cape and vintage Victorian dress, sitting alone eating French fries—the incongruous, the absurd—is Portland's normal."
I'm quite sure the writer was attempting to insult Portlanders, but the loveliest bit about this piece of news is that I can't imagine anyone getting worked up about it. Portland is glad to have its own incongruous, absurd style, and I can't imagine its residents ever wanting to be compared to Paris or Rome. The only people who wear high heels and miniskirts, or other "fashionable" clothing, are women in their late teens or early 20s...and I imagine they feel a bit out of place at times. Take a look.

Portland Farmers Market

Hoodies are Portland's most frequent sighting

An urban gathering

Hipsters in Pioneer Square

A Portland wedding
Portlanders are more likely to sport comfortable but fashionable clothing and shoes--even though they might not meet GQ's standard. For example, take a look at Switch Shoes, a local company in Multnomah Village, which also carries lovely, comfortable, and well-made clothing. (My fashionable English sister-in-law spent a bundle there last week.)

Portland loves to be weird--it's a compliment! Keep it coming, GQ.

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