Friday, July 22, 2011

Final few days

Tuesday afternoon we went to Oaks Park for their 2/1 special--two ride tickets for the price of one. The unfortunate thing about Oaks Park is that most of their rides spin...not good for queasy-tendency people such as Mike and Kath. They enjoyed the big roller coaster while the rest of us spun around.
Mark, Kieran, and Nick on the frog hopper
(Nick was not so happy after this ride went UP!)

Mike, Kieran, and Chris taking a turn

Nick on the kiddie motorcycles

Big brother Kieran hopped on too

Another scrambling ride
Both Kieran and Nick showed how much they'd grown up in the last year. Nick went on the Tilt-a-Whirl and LOVED it (it was my favorite ride as a kid) and Kieran was my buddy on the most thrilling ride in the park, the Scream'N Eagle (WHICH I LOVE!):

And Kieran on the ride that no one else would go on, the Volcano (he rode it three times):

Wednesday was spent mostly packing (with a trip to Fred Meyer). Then we met my parents at the Old Spaghetti Factory, where Olga treated us to dinner. I only got my camera out after Dad left early, so he missed the photo shoot.
Our two beautiful moms

Kath with my mom

Nick, Mike, and me

Kieran and Victoria

Chris and Mark

Such a classic teen boy shot!

Posing for photos outside

Nick, looking serious and puzzled

Now that's the silly boy I know!

Grandma with the older boys

Group shot
 We came back home and Olga and Kath gave Nick and Chris some early birthday pressies.

Nick in his new pirate attire

Chris was happy with his Bright Eyes CD, London Olympics t-shirt, and Nintendo mags

Kieran's fire

On the last morning, doing one last crossword puzzle together

Mother and son
We had a very nice visit with the English ones and we miss them now that they are gone. And after catching up on the last week, I will now take a nice blog vacation over the next week. So see you in August!

More of the England visitors

Saturday it was supposed to be horribly rainy, so we headed to OMSI. (In fact, the weather turned out to be passable.) The older boys hung out at the Game On exhibit, while the rest of us saw the IMAX movie, "Born to Be Wild" and visited other exhibits, including the Narnia one:

Kieran looking "scared"

Kath and Victoria in front of the wardrobe used in the movies

Trying out some swords and armor

Putting on a puppet show
Sunday after church we drove up to Lewis & Clark State Park, where we often meet up with my sister and her family. Somehow I failed to take any photos there! Then Kath and I left before the others and met my friend Shelia for dinner at Sungari Dragonwell Bistro, where the food was good but the service quite disappointing. Mike and I used to go there frequently, but they have changed their design and the clientele they are catering to, and I'm not sure I'll go back.

Monday Kath and I took my mother-in-law to Bridgeport Village, where at Coldwater Creek (her favorite store), she found a lovely outfit to wear to our sister-in-law's 50th birthday fete in France this fall (we are unable to go, sadly). After that Kath and I left for the Grand Lodge for a girls' night away. It's hard to beat their bunk rooms for $40 ($44 including tax). We had spa treatment--and had the spa to ourselves--followed by dinner and a soak in the soaking pool. It was lovely to spend so much time with Kath. We agreed that it was the most time we'd ever spent together. I only took one photo while we were there:

Kath sampling her first buffalo burger (buffalo raised a few miles away)
Next, the final installment.

Bye to our England guests

Mike's mum and sister and her children Mark and Victoria left yesterday morning after a week-and-a-half visit. They didn't want to leave, and we miss them already! We had a lovely time with them. We hadn't seen Kath or the children in 3-1/2 years, which we all agreed was far too long. They hadn't been to Oregon for about 9 years, since Victoria was a baby.

We kept them busy the whole time. I already posted about seeing Harry Potter last Friday. The day before that we took them to the Columbia Gorge, and all of us--with the exception of my mother-in-law--climbed all the way to the top of Multnomah Falls. I was very proud of Nick! He attracted quite a few comments along the way because of his coonskin cap and pajama bottoms!

Captain Clark (as he calls himself)

Bridal Veil Falls

At Bridal Veil Falls

Kath and Mike at our lunch stop by one of the falls

Olga with 2 out of her 3 children

Mike and Chris

Kieran and Victoria with Grandma England


Nick can create a "stage" out of anything elevated


Gosh, they look like they actually like each other! ;)

At the base of one of the falls

Base of Wahkeena Falls

Love this photo!

Kieran and Nick were pretending to be skeletons

Over there, Lewis!

One of the views down up to the top of Multnomah Falls

At the lookout bridge

From the top

Group at the top--we lost Kath and Victoria...long story!

Every time Nick started getting tired, Kieran was the only one who could chivvy him along

Back down at the bottom

After our hike, we went off to McMenamin's Edgefield (as is our custom when we go to the gorge)!

Chris and Mark
We had two booths and sat four of the kids in one of the other booths! (Of course, we had to do a bit of supervision for their ordering, otherwise they would have gone hog wild.)

Victoria and Kieran
 Then we walked a bit around Edgefield.
 Kieran found a gorgeous Harley for prime posing opportunities.

This is as close as I ever want him to get to a motorcycle!!
 Part 2, next!